Purchasing and preparing food for your event or party can become costly, consume hours or days of prep time, increase the possibility of waste and stand in the way of the host enjoying the event!  Jive Turkey Legs can setup at your event or party and handle all these things for you allowing you (the host) to focus on running your event or enjoying the party!

We strive to maintain an affordable menu.  This menu is beneficial for events, celebrations, festivals and event parties.  We do not have a setup fee for large events such as employee lunches, festivals and food truck rallies.  However, due to the small attendance normally at small (HOME) parties and events, we must require a minimum booking fee of $350.  The booking fee guarantees the dollar amount in food for the event.

Regretfully, This has become increasingly necessary after attending a number of small parties and events and having minimum or no participation from attendees, the cost of running our generator, propane, staffing and food cost. Enforcing this fee is determined on a case by case basis.

Thank you for understanding!

Note:  The minimum booking free does NOT apply to employee lunches, Food Truck Rallies, Festivals and State/City Organized Events!

~Jive Turkey Legs